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Medical Transport at home and aboard

Medical Transport Medical Transport is a strongly developed department of our company. We carry the patients not only in Poland but also abroad. For instance, we have ambulances in Insbruck, Austria. That city was chosen deliberately. In the centre of the Alps where the mountain resorts have been developing rapidly and where winter sports have become extremely fashionable - all kinds of accidents are possible. What is more, injured tourists experience shock because of the lack of contact with a doctor or having no language skills. It is essential to find a partner who is ready to help (365 days a year 24 hours a day). That is why, the quick repatriating is particularly welcomed. It is known that treating process among family members or at home can be easier and faster because it gives the opportunity to avoid greater stress caused by the lack of trust in hospital staff, insufficient hygienic standards or eating habits. Transporting of a patient is always arranged with professional medical assistance. Before that, we gather necessary information concerning the patient's state of health to adjust the equipment in the ambulance to individual needs. Fully-qualified staff pay special attention to journey conditions. A challenge for the ambulance crew is to organize it carefully, taking into account all possible complications for the patient. Furthermore, the contact with doctors and health service officials may require special negotiating skills in a foreign country. That is why, our employees are properly educated including the knowledge of foreign languages. There is no such a place in Poland, Europe or on any other continent, where we would not be able to carry the patient to their country in order to continue medical treatment or just take them back home!