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According to the motto"We drive for your life" "We drive for your life" doctors, rescuers and other staff of Medical Transport are deeply engaged in providing professional medical help. The emergency services are the sphere of activity where the capability of making decisions and cooperating are put to the test the most often. Our company has existed for over 15 years and it is still thriving. We have been devoting those years to gain valuable experience, engage qualified staff and supply our company with the latest equipment. All those features make Medical Transport a reliable partner always eager to serve the client! Owing to our work and professional attitude to each medical case we have been able to obtain the approval of our patients and cooperators. We guarantee the highest quality and control over the legal and medical proceedings from the moment of getting a call to the time when a patient reaches their destination or gets the necessary help. Many years' experience, the highly motivated staff, the clarity of costs, and the exceptional infrastructure are arguments for choosing Medical Transport. We offer complex transport services both at home and abroad. Our company is at your service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! All you need is to call us or send a fax. No bureaucracy! Fast and effectively!